Best Budget Gaming Processor 2019 AMD Ryzen 5 3500

Today we are talking about Ryzen-5-3500 and 3500X. This is going to be the best budget gaming CPU 2019 with AMD Ryzen 3500. The retail listing appeared a few days ago on an Indian storeĀ MDComputers for 11,199 Indian Rupees, which would roughly equate to $157. It is going to be released soon worldwide under $150.

You guys know that we all were waiting for Ryzen 5 3500 because till now i5-9400 is an awesome processor for budget gaming. i5 with 6-core and 6-thread is able to perform really decent gaming. If you had bought i5-9400 you were good, you didn’t lose anything. However, Ryzen-5-3500 is launched and is giving a tough time to i5. It has two main points to consider:

  • Price: Ryzen is going to be cheaper.
  • Specifications: Although all three has 6-core 6-thread processors.  A base frequency of 3.6GHz and a boost speed of 4.1GHz, so core clock also is pretty high, but Ryzen-5-3500 and 3500X have 16MB and 32MB of Cache respectively. Whereas i5 has only 9MB of cache.

Spec sheet plays less role in gamers life. Its all about benchmarks that we will check later. Till today gaming terms and rules are driven by AMD. AMD came up first with their R3 processors with 4-core 4-thread which subsequently intel followed. Example: Intel used to give 2-core 2-thread for its 7th Gen i3.

Performance-wise there is not going to be a huge difference but is going to be a boon for budget gamers.

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