Best Budget Gaming Processor 2019 AMD Ryzen 5 3500

Today we are talking about Ryzen-5-3500 and 3500X. This is going to be the best budget gaming CPU 2019 with AMD Ryzen 3500. The retail listing appeared a few days ago on an Indian store MDComputers for 11,199 Indian Rupees, which would roughly equate to $157. It is going to be released soon worldwide under $150.

You guys know that we all were waiting for Ryzen 5 3500 because till now i5-9400 is an awesome processor for budget gaming. i5 with 6-core and 6-thread is able to perform really decent gaming. If you had bought i5-9400 you were good, you didn’t lose anything. However, Ryzen-5-3500 is launched and is giving a tough time to i5. It has two main points to consider:

  • Price: Ryzen is going to be cheaper.
  • Specifications: Although all three has 6-core 6-thread processors.  A base frequency of 3.6GHz and a boost speed of 4.1GHz, so core clock also is pretty high, but Ryzen-5-3500 and 3500X have 16MB and 32MB of Cache respectively. Whereas i5 has only 9MB of cache.

Spec sheet plays less role in gamers life. Its all about benchmarks that we will check later. Till today gaming terms and rules are driven by AMD. AMD came up first with their R3 processors with 4-core 4-thread which subsequently intel followed. Example: Intel used to give 2-core 2-thread for its 7th Gen i3.

Performance-wise there is not going to be a huge difference but is going to be a boon for budget gamers.

Gaming computer build under $500

$500 Gaming Computer Build

Gaming computer build This gaming computer is capable of running all games at 1080p, 30-60fps with high or medium settings.

For PROCESSOR, I am choosing Intel Pentium G4400 Dual Core processor. It has 2 cores, 2 threads. It is based on Skylake architecture with frequency of 3.3 GHz. Single core of this CPU is none less than i3, i5, i7 due to its Skylake architecture.Intel Pentium G4400

This is so damn versatile processor which can max out the 960, meaning, it will not bottleneck with 960.

For MOTHERBOARD, I am going with MSI H110M Pro VH. It’s LGA1151 socket which is compatible for Skylake architecture. This motherboard has one PCI Express 3.0 and two PCI Express 2.0 slots.
It has one more speciality that is HDMI display interface.

Crucial 8GB RAMFor RAM, I am going with Crucial 8GB DDR4, clocked at 2133MHz. Our motherboard supports only 2133MHz speed. In case you install a higher frequency RAM, motherboard will downgrade it. So it will be a waste.

For STORAGE, I am stick to my favourite WD Blue 1TB. It is a best seller.WD Blue

For CABINET, I am choosing Deepcool Tesseract BF case. This  can support up to 6 fans USB 3.0 ports.

For POWER SUPPLY, I have selected Corsair VS450. It has a power supply of 450W. It is 85% power efficient.

For GRAPHIC, I am going with legendary ZOTAC GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB with base clock of 1033MHz and boost clock of 1111MHz. It’s consumes only 60W.GTAC GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Let’s discuss this Gaming Computer  Build

This gaming computer build is based on Skylake architectu which makes this build future proof. There was a time when Skylake build used to be very costly. The processor and their compatible motherboard were both costly. Now motherboard price has come down  significantly.   

Guys, do not panic by seeing the Pentium. It is not that old Pentium. This Pentium is based on the same architecture as i3, i5, i7. It’s  single core performance is equal to i3, i5, i7. It lacks only on Hyperthreading, Turbo Boost etc. More importantly at this budget this is the best.

GTX 750 is very popular graphic card. It has three main reasons. First it is very cheap, good at performance and third, it has good resale value. It is cheapest meaningful  graphic card. Below this there is no value for money.

Today we are in 1000 series graphic card age. This is 700 series graphic card, which is obviously too old, but still GTX 750 is relevant.

What are upgrade options?

Intel Skylake Today you guys don’t have enough money but that does not decide the future. Although this gaming computer build is very balanced and satisfactory but in case you get  some extra bucks and think about upgrade then what?

First thing you should focus on upgrading to GTX 950 and 960.

Affiliate links for the components:

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Building your own gaming PC.

If you want to do PC gaming at your own terms then this article is for you.

In this post we are going to discuss “Why should we build our Gaming PC? Why not purchase a buildup Gaming PC from market?” So guys we start from the main focus point which will get acknowledged by many-


We pick a Gaming PC from Amazon. We dismantle all the components of it , virtually. Now we check the price of each component separately. We have found that they cost less if bought individually and assembled.So price is the major constraint for most of us and if it is for you also then PC building is for you.

Next point is – What do you want?

First you will decide what do you want then how the gaming PC will be decided. You will target RESOLUTION or FRAME RATE. This is entirely your choice that which type of gaming you want to do. On the basis of that you will set your budget or with respect to your budget you will set your Resolution and Frame Rate.

If you are too tight on budget then you will target this:

Resolution: HD 1280 X 720         FPS: 30-60 Low or Medium Settings

If you can spend little more:

Resolution: FHD 1920 X 1080    FPS: 60    Medium or Ultra Settings

If you are enthusiast gamer and budget is no big hurdle for you:

Resolution: 4K 3840 X 2160         FPS: 30-60   Ultra Settings

What you want in Gaming PC today is totally different from what you will looking for in future. You should have upgrade option. Today you are tight on budget but this will not be the condition after 6 months or a years later. So do you have upgrade options? The Gaming PC which I had built has a motherboard with two PCI Express slot, so now I can put another graphic card.  Or even your first graphic card which will significantly increase your gaming performance. This is all because you had that option while building your Gaming PC. This is possible when you build gaming rig yourself with knowledge. For over clocking in future, you will pair your computer with water cooling for maximum performance.

Gaming PC building is a hobby

Like PC Gaming is a hobby, you will feel good. In the same way PC building is a hobby. Talking about specifications, what is good/bad, what is new, what is compatible with what, discussions, if you meet another PC enthusiast you are able to prolong the discussion on PC Gaming and build.

Community or Forum

You login  to any gaming forum or community and raise the question ‘Should I build a gaming PC?’ You will be flooded with response in support of PC building. Even they will give you right advice. This sense of belonging to a community is awesome. First you will get help then you will help someone else. People are ready to help for their satisfaction and fulfillment.

No experience require to build a computer

In this world there are only few things which does not require experience and PC building is one of them.  If you never build one then you might be scared that you will damage your components, your money will go waste. You will be getting those ideas but seriously speaking guys nothing is going to happen. It is all plug and play on entire motherboard. Even if you are seeing motherboard for first time then just by matching the slots you will fit components on it. Reason is that components do not fit in any other way then right. It feels like you are first time entering in Lamborghini and driving your first car.

Still you are skeptical about you being capable human

You buy all the parts from where ever you want. Be it local market, online, imported. Find a friend who is PC enthusiast, you will get one.  If you  are  unlucky that you do not have a friend who talks about RAM, Processor, HDD, SDD then go to a computer shop tell  them that you have got all parts and you want those get assembled and pay them few bucks.

Guys, the last point, my favorite one to explain ”Why we should build our own PC?”  When you switch on your own built PC, the sense of glory, pride, awesomeness you get can not be explained. You feel so good that you have created a machine by your own hand. Specially to guys who love the numbers. Who love to talk about xxxcc in bikes, xxxBHP power in cars, xxxmAH of battery in cellphones, xxxTon of AC. Numbers and specifications are their forte. PC building evolves around numbers, specifications, power, technology, upgrading. Additionally, the day when SKYNET attacks on humanity, it might have  a soft corner for you because – You Gave Life to a Machine.



Cheap Gaming PC build

Building a cheap $300 Gaming PC

You know that making a PC is difficult. We are making a gaming PC.

We are using branded and internationally acclaimed parts. This will be a $300 gaming PC and ready to play present games.

It will  have fantastic upgrading options. All this is possible because of its special processing AMD chip. As I said upgrading options of this $300 build is so fantastic that you will enjoy upgrading it to. We will discuss about it later.


Let’s start with the spirit of the build that is the processor. I am using AMD A8 7600 based on Kaveri architecture.  It has 10 computer cores, 6 are dedicated to GPU and 4 are dedicated to CPU.

A8 almost equal in performance with Intel i3 4330. Its  single thread is slower than i3 but GPU is much faster than i3 and even more impressive than  its big brother  A10 7800.

AMD A8 is available at $76 on Amazon.

Now let’s talk about A8 7600.  It is not a CPU but an APU, Accelerated Processing Unit. APU consists of GPU and CPU. This has total 10 computer cores, 4 are dedicated to CPU and 6 are dedicated to GPU.

It is a graphic card and a CPU on a single chip, that’s one of the reasons I love about AMD, Savior of poor. These chips are for cheap gaming and they start losing their value in higher builds.

Truth is that, the entry level graphic cards are simply useless today. They don’t provide performance for their price, so for this market AMD had manufactured this A-series chips with CPU and GPU on it.

Although predecessors of A-series were not that powerful but today with Kaveri architecture they are forced to be reckoned.

And at this price, it provides a 4 cores CPU with decent onboard graphics. Comparison to i3 which has 2 cores and a little costlier than A8-7600, i3 performs a little better than A8-7600. Single thread of i3 is faster but equal to A8 because  A8 has extra cores.  When comparing the graphics, guys  A8-7600 performs much better than i3. 


asus 68hm +

Next we should move on to motherboard. As our AMD A8 7600 uses FM 2+ socket. I am choosing a FM 2+ socket motherboard: Asus A68HM-K which supports DDR3 RAM with  speeds of about 2400 megahertz and it is available at $64 on Amazon.


corsair 4bg ddr3

For RAM I am  going with Corsair 4GB DDR3 with speed of 1600 megahertz. Now guys we are choosing a 1600 megahertz RAM for a very special reason.

Faster the RAM = Faster the APU (processor)

But then why we are using 1600 megahertz RAM why not move to faster RAM. When you upgrade, which I am sure you will if you build this Gaming PC yourself, the RAM speed above 1600 megahertz is useless as the graphic card which has its own faster RAM. Like GTX 750 Ti etc. are using DDR5 and your PC build DDR3, so obviously that will be more faster and the system will use that RAM. Also, your branded power supply can let you over-clock cards like 750 Ti without any fear. These are more efficient, safe and let you over-clock comfortably.

This RAM is available at a price of $35 on Amazon.


WD Blue 1TB

Now let’s discuss the storage. I am selecting  WD Blue 1 TB with a speed of 7200 RPM. It is a best seller on Amazon. Just for the sake of saving few $$ dollars you should not go with 500GB memory instead choose this 1TB Blue Western Digital and this at a price of  $49 on Amazon.

Power Supply

cool master 350

Now we have to power these components and for that I am  choosing the power supply of Cooler Master CM 350 Plus which can supply maximum of 350 W. Using a branded power supply is very important guys. It will come in handy when we upgrade. It comes at a very cheap price of $30 on Amazon.


deepcool cabinet

ForCabinet,  I am going with  Deepcool Tesseract. Now guys this is a very beautiful branded case with LED lights and two fans. I could have chosen cheap $20 cabinet but I managed it in the budget as it is the main component of PC which doesn’t let your cheap PC look cheap. A little costly for this build because it is at $59 on Amazon.


How we are going to upgrade this?? We all know that we are not going to use $300 PC for the next 5 years, so what are the upgrade options?

First upgrade must be the RAM. We must use the same identical RAM which we have used in this build, that is Corsair 1600 megahertz otherwise some issues may arise. If you’re going to use another brand there can be some issues which cannot be detected. Play safe and use the same brand same RAM size.

Now guys you can start playing games at 1080p at low settings and can get up to around 30 FPS. Few games will drop below 30 FPS, so for that you can change settings to 720p. Most games till 2014 will run very smoothly providing around 40 to 50 FPS with medium settings.

But now the real fun starts, the graphics on this chip is basically Radeon R7 graphics.

Cards like R7-250 are based same architecture. So R7-250 can join forces with A8-7600 graphics in dual graphics or crossfire together and they can boost FPS. This will give you a better gaming experience as I believe entry level graphic cards are useless like R7-250. These don’t perform for their cost then why are we talking about it here. We are talking about here because R7-250 performs with A8-7600 as they are compatible.

Also, your Gaming PC can run games on its own without dedicated graphic card. Now take your time and research for a second hand R7-250 which you can get real cheap.

Additionally, this APU can support medium level graphic card after attaching cards like GTX750 TI and Radeon 260 X. Your gaming rig is complete now. It will start giving 100 FPS at low settings and 50 FPS at higher settings. Try to get them second hand as they are sold and bought most frequently.

Also, this cheap $300 PC can support upto GTX 950 or 960, but when you are upgrading to these big cards then consider SSDs because it will help in increasing performance. Now GTX 950 and 960 can bottleneck in some games, but in games which they can perform I bet you will see the power of 950 and 960 in your PC. I am talking about Ultra setting 1080p gaming  at comfortable FPS varying from 30fps to 60fps and above also.


The beauty of this PC is that you are not dependent on a graphic card. Your APU(CPU+GPU) can provide that power so you can play without a graphic card. Unlike other processors like Intel I series or AMD FX series which are constantly dependent on a graphic card. 

In that mean time search for a second hand option as your PCI Express Slot is empty, you can experiment with it. 

So guys this is a cheap gaming PC under the budget of $300 and has ability to turn into a gaming beast when you upgrade it. It has all the branded parts looks beautiful and has many upgradeable options. All the affiliated links to all the components are below:

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Share your views about this build. We will also do a $500 gaming PC build soon.

Next post will cover-

Why to build your own gaming computer?