Gaming computer build under $500

$500 Gaming Computer Build

Gaming computer build This gaming computer is capable of running all games at 1080p, 30-60fps with high or medium settings.

For PROCESSOR, I am choosing Intel Pentium G4400 Dual Core processor. It has 2 cores, 2 threads. It is based on Skylake architecture with frequency of 3.3 GHz. Single core of this CPU is none less than i3, i5, i7 due to its Skylake architecture.Intel Pentium G4400

This is so damn versatile processor which can max out the 960, meaning, it will not bottleneck with 960.

For MOTHERBOARD, I am going with MSI H110M Pro VH. It’s LGA1151 socket which is compatible for Skylake architecture. This motherboard has one PCI Express 3.0 and two PCI Express 2.0 slots.
It has one more speciality that is HDMI display interface.

Crucial 8GB RAMFor RAM, I am going with Crucial 8GB DDR4, clocked at 2133MHz. Our motherboard supports only 2133MHz speed. In case you install a higher frequency RAM, motherboard will downgrade it. So it will be a waste.

For STORAGE, I am stick to my favourite WD Blue 1TB. It is a best seller.WD Blue

For CABINET, I am choosing Deepcool Tesseract BF case. This  can support up to 6 fans USB 3.0 ports.

For POWER SUPPLY, I have selected Corsair VS450. It has a power supply of 450W. It is 85% power efficient.

For GRAPHIC, I am going with legendary ZOTAC GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB with base clock of 1033MHz and boost clock of 1111MHz. It’s consumes only 60W.GTAC GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Let’s discuss this Gaming Computer  Build

This gaming computer build is based on Skylake architectu which makes this build future proof. There was a time when Skylake build used to be very costly. The processor and their compatible motherboard were both costly. Now motherboard price has come down  significantly.   

Guys, do not panic by seeing the Pentium. It is not that old Pentium. This Pentium is based on the same architecture as i3, i5, i7. It’s  single core performance is equal to i3, i5, i7. It lacks only on Hyperthreading, Turbo Boost etc. More importantly at this budget this is the best.

GTX 750 is very popular graphic card. It has three main reasons. First it is very cheap, good at performance and third, it has good resale value. It is cheapest meaningful  graphic card. Below this there is no value for money.

Today we are in 1000 series graphic card age. This is 700 series graphic card, which is obviously too old, but still GTX 750 is relevant.

What are upgrade options?

Intel Skylake Today you guys don’t have enough money but that does not decide the future. Although this gaming computer build is very balanced and satisfactory but in case you get  some extra bucks and think about upgrade then what?

First thing you should focus on upgrading to GTX 950 and 960.

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