Who Are we? What do We do?

Some of these questions may come across your mind while browsing our website rightšŸ¤”?

If you are on this page by any chance, then we are happy to share with you what we do: PcgamerGuide.com is a gaming blog that specializes in gaming peripherals.

if you are a gamer you should know that paying attention to your accessories is key to winning the game and enjoying the best streaming experience. Matter of fact no one wants to get a microphone or a headset that doesn’t mean his expectation or doesnā€™t know how to use the best out of it.

What gaming peripherals do we cover?

  • Microphones(what are there, recording software, tips, and guides)
  • Headsets
  • Gaming chairs
  • Pc Cases
  • Mice and mousepads
  • Guides, How-tos, Tutorials, and tips related to gaming & Streaming

If you have any ideas or suggestions or like what we do and want to join our team! Then please leave us a message on our contact page

Yassine Abbassi