+15 Cool Desk Accessories for Gamers Of All Styles

Cool Desk Accessories for Gamers

Do you enjoy playing video games? Most importantly, do you go live while everyone can see your setup? If so, this means you probably spend a lot of time with them in front of your computer. While this is awesome, it can get a bit stale after an extended time. The only way to break up the monotony is to add some cool desk accessories for gamers.

Luckily, there are plenty of accessories out there that can not only help keep things fresh but also make your desk well-organized and look professional for streaming! Stay tuned because we’re about to share The best gadgets and accessories to boost your gaming experience and add a personal touch to your setup

1. Cable Management Box

A Cable Management Box can be a great addition to any desk. It allows you to neatly and easily store your various cables and wires, including your PC, Monitor, phone, headphones, and other gadgets. Doing so not only makes your setup look neater, but also helps you stay organized. This can be especially beneficial for gamers. It helps a lot with Desk cable management, creating a cluttered environment that can be distracting and dangerous. 

2. Wrist Rest

A lot of people overlook the importance of taking care of their hands during long gaming sessions, especially if they are playing with a keyboard. The fact is many gamers developed pain wrist that occurs during gaming. This is often a result of long-term problems because of wrist discomfort during long gaming sessions. One thing you can do to prevent this is to utilize a wrist rest while playing. Wrist rests are ergonomic, simple accessories that can go a long way toward taking care of your hands while gaming. They also absorb sweat and help keep your wrists from slipping off the edge of your desk, and make you feel more comfortable. You may also want to consider your position and distance from the screen, This can be a problem for gamers who like to sit up close to the screen, which can cause your wrists to be at a bad angle for extended periods. Plus, it’s important to keep your wrists from cramping up or getting tired from sustained play. Using a wrist rest can help prevent this from happening.

3. Monitor Stand

Imagine how much space you can save with a monitor stand! A monitor stand doesn’t only save you space, but also keeps your monitor safe, stable, and easy to adjust. It’s an essential part of a cool gaming setup. Hence, if you don’t have a monitor stand on your gaming desk, make sure to consider one very soon, and you’ll soon notice how good it will boost your overall gaming experience.

4. FHD Camera

A webcam is a no-bargain accessory if you plan to stream only! and a Full HD webcam that offers good image quality is what you must have. You don’t your followers to experience a blurry or laggy camera output. So if you can’t afford a professional camera, make sure to get yourself a good quality webcam that is made for streamers and gamers alike

5. RGB Keyboard

An RGB keyboard is a better and more attractive keyboard specifically made for gamers, it also comes with extra buttons to add custom pre-sets and supports millions of colors due to a LED backlight that generates custom colors. There is no better way to impress your friends and add more value to your desk than having an RGB keyboard. It’s one of the best and cool desk accessories for gamers that will definitely bring your desk to life.

6. A mic and headset

Whether you’re into solo gaming or you like to play with friends, a mic (a condenser microphone) and headset can be a great addition to any desk. This is because it allows you to smoothly communicate with others during gameplay, which can be helpful if you’re a streamer or a battle royal player who likes to play online and with people.

7. Boom Arm

A good quality microphone stand is worth the price and value. Having a boom arm not only helps you improve sound clarity and make things easier for you, but it also saves you space on your desk and helps with your setup management!

8. USB Docking Station

a USB Docking Station will save all your USB-related problems starting from charging, LED cables, and other accessories and peripherals that require USB. Those hubs can support up to 15 USB ports, so make sure to get the one that serves you well without having to switch between devices to get yourself more space.

9. Stream Deck for gaming

As a stream, you should Stream Decks before. It’s a helpful tool not only to show off your skills but also to make streaming much easier. Streaming decks come in many sized and supports many key bindings, they allow you to easily control your desktop shortcuts, custom and pre-sets, and audio & video settings. This can be extremely helpful for gamers who like to stream or record gameplay because it allows them to keep track of what they are doing and keep everything organized. Streaming decks also allow you to quickly access a variety of useful tools and functions without having to navigate through different menus and settings.

10. Cleaning Cloth

If you want to keep your desk looking and feeling brand new, then a cleaning cloth can be a great addition to your workspace. Cleaning cloths are simple accessories that are designed to keep your accessories and other surfaces looking clean and tidy. This is helpful because it allows you to keep your work area clean and free of dust and grime. Cleaning clothes come in lots of different designs and shapes, So you can choose whatever works well with your desk. 

11. Organizational Cords

Do you have a lot of things on your desk that you need to keep track of? Are you constantly looking for your phone charger? Or maybe you’re searching for your glasses? If so, then you may need to add some organizational accessories to your desk. Organizational accessories are designed to help you keep track of and store your various desk items. These can include things like your phone charger, glasses, pens, and other small accessories. While they may sound unnecessary, they are actually super helpful because they give you more space on your desk, as well as a sense of organization. Plus, they can be helpful if you struggle with keeping track of your items.

12. Led Lighting

If you want to add a little bit of style and flair to your desk, then a pair of led lighting can be a great addition. Gaming room Lighting comes in a variety of different styles, colors, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to choose the ones that best suit your setup. This is helpful because it allows you to express your personality and style on your desk and make it feel more like your own. Led lights are also helpful because they provide extra light, which can be helpful if you like to stream, record, or play at night. They can also be helpful if you prefer to work in a darker environment and need a bit of extra light on your desk. Led lights can be especially helpful during the winter months. This is because, during this time of the year, there is less sunlight, which can make it harder to work and stay productive during the day.

13. Under Desk Stand

If you have items on your desk that you’re always fumbling around for, then an under-desk stand can be a great accessory to have. Under the desk, stands are simple tools that allow you to store items and keep your desk organized. This is helpful because it prevents these items from getting in the way of your desk and workspace.

14. Leg Rest

if you’re into long gaming sessions, or you take streaming as a career, having a footrest helps a lot with pain relief and supports your back, hip, legs, and knees. We’ve picked the Comfilife footrest because it’s made with good materials like high-density foam and comes with a non-slip bottom and a washable removable cover, and most importantly it’d large and durable enough to support any leg size or weight.

15. Pixel Art Bluetooth Game

This is Divoom’s most popular tiny Bluetooth speaker. If you follow popular streamers’ videos, you may see this gadget many times. And you probably asked yourself if you can get it. here you are. This is one of the coolest gadgets to add to your gaming desk. Download the Divoom App, connect it to Bluetooth and you can instantly create drawings, display pixel art designs, and have access to hundreds of art designs for free. Moreover, there are many other functions besides displaying pixel photos, this nice piece of tech comes with an online radio, notification, alarm clock, and many other valuable features. It’s all that you need to finish your cool desk accessories for gamers list.


While these are just a few of the many different types of cool desk accessories for gamers out there, they are definitely among the most useful and useful. Having desk accessories is necessary to keep things organized, Improve your gaming experience by preserving everything within reach, hold things in place, and save you time and effort! 

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