Pc Gaming peripherals: All You Need To Know

pc gaming peripherals

If you ask any PC gamer will tell you that having the right PC gaming peripherals is just as important as having a powerful graphics card or processor. They are becoming trending in the gaming industry due to the significantly increasing number of online streamers and gamers around the world.

In fact, many professional gamers are very particular about their peripherals. Because this essentially means the difference between winning and losing. And while you might not be a professional gamer, the same principles still apply. Having the right peripherals provide optimized experience playing games on both PCs and consoles. So why are peripherals so important? And what makes pro gamers so particular about their accessories? Let’s dive in.

What are gaming peripherals?

Also known as Add-ons, accessories, or peripherals, these are the input and output devices that connect to the main computer to either replace an older or basic version with an improved one or add new functionality and features to enhance the user’s experience and boost the overall performance. Some of the most common peripherals excessively used among gamers are mice, keyboards, headsets, and microphones.

Why Peripherals Matter To Gamers

If you’re a regular pc user, you can grab any mouse or keyboard or just use the basic device that comes with your pc and it does everything perfectly. However, if you want to explore the world of gaming. Having the appropriate gaming peripheral is necessary, A pro-gamer who is into MOBA games or FPST Online games like CSGO do need a mouse with custom DPI settings, Software, an ergonomic design, and customizable buttons that you don’t find in a regular mouse, this is called a “gaming mouse”. It’s designed specifically for gamers, it’s usually durable, and comes with extra features.

Performance is the key. Obviously, if you’re using a crappy mouse with a loose scroll wheel, your performance is going to suffer. If you plan against a gamer with a mouse that has custom buttons and feels ergonomic he will absolutely have the advantage. If you have a low-quality headset with terrible sound you’ll not be able to hear the micro voices or the direction of the steps of your opponent. That said, If your peripherals are holding you back, then you’re not going to be performing at your best. gamers need their peripherals to be of the highest quality if they want to perform at their best. This means you should products from reputable brands that are known for making durable and high-quality devices.

They Can Affect Your Comfort Level – Let’s face it, if you’re not comfortable while you’re gaming, then you’re not going to have a good time or enjoy a long gaming session. That’s why pro gamers are so particular about having an ergonomic mouse that fits their palm grip. They know that being comfortable means being able to play for hours without getting annoyed. And that is what a good peripheral offer

Better Communication – If you’re playing a multiplayer game, then communicating is key. And if your microphone is crackling or cutting out all the time, then it’s going to be difficult to coordinate with your teammates. That’s why having a quality condenser mic is so important for streamers, especially those who want to be able to communicate clearly.

Precision – When you’re playing a competitive game, even the slightest edge can mean the difference between winning and losing. That’s why gamers need their peripherals to be as precise and have a very low response rate, things like laser mice and mechanical keyboards give them the edge they need to come out on top.

Must- have Gaming peripherals for gamers

pc gaming peripherals
Some gaming peripherals a pc gamer needs

If you ask any professional gamer or streamer he’ll tell you that having the right peripherals can mean the difference between “Chicken dinner” and “better luck next time”. From keyboards and mice to headsets and webcams, there’s a lot that goes into creating a top-notch gaming setup. I’ve listed some (but not limited) of the most gaming peripherals that are essential to any gamer

Headsets: Audio Matters Too!

While a good pair of headphones will do well for casual gaming or watching streams, if you want to take things to the next level, then you need to obtain a dedicated gaming headset. Gaming headsets offer features like virtual surround sound and noise cancellation. They also tend to be much more comfortable than regular headphones, which is important when you’re wearing them for hours. Popular gaming headset brands include SteelSeries, Astro Gaming, Turtle Beach, and Sennheiser to name a few.

Our Pick: HyperX Cloud II

HyperX has gained popularity for its quality peripherals. Their Cloud 2 is one of the best and most-rated headsets for gamers in the market! It’s a high-quality budget choice for gamers! it has all. The HyperX Cloud 2 is an over-ear ergonomic headset made with memory foam and leatherette that deliver maximum comfort. The performance is outstanding, the device comes with 53mm drivers, supports a 15-25k Khz, and supports 7.1 virtual surround sounds which engage you in the game. The passive noise cancellation will keep you focused on the game without any outside distractions.

Webcams: The Eyes of the Streamer

If you’re planning on streaming your gameplay to an audience, then you’re going to need a good webcam. A webcam lets your viewers see your face while you play so they can connect with you on a personal level. It also lets them see your reactions to funny moments or crazy kills in real time. While almost any webcam will work for streaming purposes, if you want to ensure that your viewers have the best possible experience, then you should consider investing in a 1080p webcam from Logitech or Razer. These webcams offer sharp image quality and won’t break the bank.

Gaming Microphone: Let them hear you well

For gamers, having a gaming microphone can be the difference between victory and defeat. A gaming mic allows gamers to communicate clearly with one another, strategize effectively, and coordinate their actions. Without a good mic, the gaming experience would be much more difficult and frustrating. With a gaming microphone, gamers can provide each other with real-time feedback and troubleshoot problems as they arise. As a result, a good quality condenser mic is an essential piece of peripherals for any serious gamer.

Our Pick: HyperX Quadcast S

how to make HyperX Quadcast sound better

While I had to think a lot between recommending the Blue yeti Mic and Hyperx Quadcast S. I finally decided to go with the last one. For one reason only! It’s because it’s purely made for gamers.

The HyperX QuadCast S does everything it says to do. it records beautiful crisp audio in various scenarios, and the background noise it picks up is pretty manageable. the built-in pop filter is a great addition, and the customizable RGB light is an advantage, it’ll add great value to your streaming background. When it comes to the specs, the Quad cast S Features 4 polar patterns which work well for many environments and situations, A Gain control to manage the sensitivity, and a mute- button on the top. Overall, The QuadCast S is a solid choice for anyone looking for a USB microphone for their gaming setup.

Get everything you need to know about condenser microphones in this article: Condenser Microphones – The Ultimate Guide

Gaming Mouse: No bargain

A gaming mouse can be a vital peripheral. It can provide the speed and accuracy needed to stay ahead of the competition. gaming mice often have special features that regular mice don’t have, such as adjustable sensitivity and extra buttons. This can give gamers an edge when it comes to a 1 vs 1 situation. Gaming mice are often more expensive than regular mice, but they are worth the investment.

Our Pick: Razer Viper Mini

gaming peripheral

When it comes to gaming mice, there are many brands and versions to consider, they start from $20 bucks to more than a hundred. That said, we’ve picked a very powerful startup mouse for gamers. The Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse only weighs 61 grams. It comes with a fast gaming switch with an 8500DPI Optical sensor, 6 programmable buttons, and a nice-looking customizable glowing logo. You can download the Razer Synapse 3 software and have full control over your mouse settings. If you want to take your mouse to another level or have upgrade plans. You may consider the razer Viper V2 Pro.

Gaming keyboards: Enjoy the Click

A good quality keyboard is an essential piece of equipment. gaming keyboard helps to provide the fastest and most responsive gaming experience possible. By registering keystrokes at lightning speeds, the gaming keyboard ensures that click is responded to at the highest rate, giving gamers the edge they need to compete at the highest level. The gaming keyboard also comes equipped with a variety of features that are designed specifically for gaming, such as anti-ghosting and programmable keys. In addition, keyboards often have a more robust construction than standard keyboards, some of them come with mechanical keys making them more durable.

Our Pick: Logitech G915

The Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED is a rechargeable full-sized gaming keyboard with low-profile switches and keycaps. It supports programmable dedicated macro keys, multi-device pairing, a volume control wheel, dedicated media controls, and full RGB backlighting. You can connect with USB or wirelessly, and the battery life will give you up to 30 hours. Overall
The Logitech G915 is an exceptional keyboard for gaming. it’s a bit expensive, but it’s among the top ones in its range and the first choice for many professional and popular gamers online. The low-profile switches are responsive and provide nice tactile feedback, and the keyboard has extremely low latency.


As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into creating a top-notch gaming setup—and it’s not just about having a great computer. If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level or building up your Twitch following, then investing in some high-quality gaming peripherals is essential. From keyboards and mice to headsets and webcams, there are a lot of different options out there—so do some research and find what works best for you! Happy gaming!

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