Pc Gaming setup for beginners – The Ultimate Guide

Pc gaming Setup For Beginners

You don’t need to spend a fortune to create the perfect gaming setup. In fact, with a little bit of creativity and elbow grease, you can put together a gaming room that will be the envy of all your friends—without breaking the bank. Here are some tips on how to get started and Build your Pc gaming Setup For Beginners

Do You Really Need A Gaming Setup?

Before starting to build your own gaming setup, you may ask yourself this type of question. But before we even answer that question, we should ask ourselves first! What is a gaming setup?
A pc gaming setup is just a regular pc setup but everything with it is specifically made for gamers. it combines a gaming PC and many other peripherals (Custom Desk, Gaming chair, Mouse, Keyboard, Headset…) to enhance your gaming experience.

A poorly made setup makes it less comfortable and more difficult to reach what you need easily. It is also more likely to stress your eye, and cause neck, and back strain. As gaming means a lot of seating sessions for at least 2 hours per session, and if you plan to go live, this means at least 4 to 6 hours of playing sessions. That’s why a comfortable chair, ergonomic mouse pad, gaming peripherals, and lighting are essential not only for your own comfort and accessible gaming. But will also take your gaming and streaming experience to another level.

Choose Your Gaming Pc

It’s all about the gaming computer. As per Wikipedia, a gaming computer is “a specialized personal computer designed for playing video games at a very high standard”. What differs between those types of computers is that a gaming PC uses high-performance hardware like Dedicated Graphic cards, Powerful Processors, and high-speed storage (Nvme or SSD). All are combined in a gaming motherboard and powered up by a Higher watt power supply unit.

Choosing Your Pc Components

Pc case: The computer case is something important for gaming setups, it contains most of the components of your computer like the CPU and GPU. It comes in lots of shapes and sizes. If you want to build your setup you should pay attention to the case size: like the full tower or mid tower each one of those work for a specific type of motherboard and come with its features and disadvantages, you can even make your own custom PC case or have a wall-mounted pc. So the options are broad and you only need to identify your needs.

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The Motherboard: A motherboard, or mainboard, is the central printed circuit board (PCB) in all modern computers and some other electronic devices. It holds many of the crucial components of the system, such as the central processing unit (CPU), memory modules, graphics card, and sound card. A gaming motherboard is a PC motherboard specifically designed to support gaming-related features and functions. Some of these features may include overclocking support, fast memory, multiple graphics card slots, and high-end sound and networking capabilities.

GPU: A PC GPU is a Graphics Processing Unit, a type of computer chip that helps process the images you see on your screen. So the better the GPU the better the image quality in your game and accelerated graphics rendering. You can find two types of GPUs in the market one is from Gforce the other is from AMD. Those are the 2 competitors that are keeping gamers happy. The latest GPU from intel (until the time of writing this post) is the RTX 3090TI. it’s a GDDRX 24GB with a frequency of 1560 MHz that would cost around $1300. The Latest AMD rival has the AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series. The Latest Radeon RX 6950 XT runs on GDDRX 16GB with 2100 MHz and costs around $1100.

GPUs are used in desktop and laptop computers, as well as in gaming consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation. 

RAM: A PC RAM is a type of computer memory that is used to store data and applications that are being used by the computer. It is important to have enough RAM in your computer in order to keep it running smoothly.

Storage: PC storage is a way to store your computer’s data. There are various types of storage, each with its unique benefits and drawbacks. The most common type is the HDD (Hard Disk drive). Another type of PC storage is the solid-state drive (SSD). SSDs are much faster than hard drives, but they also cost more.
Finally, you’ll have the Nvme. They are far more advanced than SSD and thus are faster and better encrypted.

Is it better to build or buy a gaming PC?

Well, this question is subject to many factors. Building your own pc is something entertaining, but it requires a set of tools, some background knowledge, and technical experience. Yet, there are plenty of guides and tutorials on how to build your setup from scratch. On the other hand, getting a prebuilt pc is something that comes with advantages as well, you are paying for more than just the sum of its parts. You are paying for support, warranty service, and ease of mind because your system was put together and tested by professionals. This will come with extra cost, and some prebuilt setups are not made for future upgrades so you might be stuck with what you have. To wrap up, it is up to you whether to build your pc or get a prebuilt one!

What To Look For In a Pc Gaming Setup?

Green gaming setup

It’s important to know what other things you need to build a pc gaming setup for beginners. While there are things that are not essential, others are a must-have to improve your overall gaming quality and make your setup look better for streaming.

Get a comfortable gaming chair

Pc gaming Setup For Beginners
image credits: Corsair

A gaming chair is a specialized type of chair that is designed to provide comfort and support while gaming. They are typically made with ergonomic features that help to reduce stress on the body. While gaming chairs are not essential for beginners, they can be a valuable addition for those who spend a lot of time gaming. In addition to providing comfort, gaming chairs can also help to improve focus and concentration, and they can even increase your gaming performance. If you are looking for a way to improve your gaming experience, or have streaming plans then a gaming chair is a must-have.

choose your gaming monitor

Image Credit: Samusng

A gaming monitor is a computer monitor designed specifically for gaming purposes. They are typically equipped with features that improve gaming performance and provide a more immersive gaming experience, such as a high refresh rate, low input lag, and variable refresh rate technology. Some gaming monitors also come with built-in speakers and USB ports for controller charging. gaming monitors are available in a variety of sizes, from 24 inches to 34 inches, and come in both curved and flat designs. As a beginner you would get a monitor with at least 22″, 75 Hz refresh rate, and a full HD resolution (1920×1080)

how about a gaming desk?

Corner Desk Gaming Setups

Every gamer knows that a gaming desk is essential for the perfect gaming setup. After all, it provides the perfect surface for your gaming peripherals. But a gaming desk is about more than just function. It’s also about style. It can help you show off your gaming setup, organize your accessories and make it look clean and more professional. You can start with a regular desk if you have one, and when you’re ready to upgrade your gaming setup, make sure to look for the one that matches your style and room space.

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Consider a gaming headset and a condenser Microphone

The headset will improve your gaming experience, you want to hear every single move made by your enemy, this type of headset supports 3D audio effects and come with enhanced sound technology that will definitely get you a step ahead of your opponent.
A condenser microphone on the other hand is something essential especially if you’re willing to stream or play multiplayer or battle royal games. It looks professional and improves your communication with your teammates. After all, you don’t want your friends to struggle to catch your voice.

The gaming keyboard and the mouse

Pc gaming Setup For Beginners

A keyboard and a mouse are essential to any pc setup. As a beginner, a gaming keyboard & PC are not essential especially if you can’t afford them, while they can improve your gameplay experience as they support more features, customizable bottoms, applications, and DPI settings for the mouse or more customizable buttons in your keyboard. You can start with what you got. A regular keyboard and mouse just do fine, regarding the mouse settings, you can play around with windows settings and in-game sensitivity. As soon as you’re ready to upgrade, the first thing you want to go with is a gaming mouse then you can consider a gaming keyboard.

Invest in Good Lighting

gaming room lighting ideas

One of the most important aspects of any gaming setup is good lighting. Not only does proper lighting help you avoid eye fatigue, but it can also set the mood for your gaming sessions. If you want to save money, natural light is always a great option. If you don’t have any windows in your gaming space, consider investing in some quality task lighting, LED strips, and ambient lighting. Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good lighting; even some inexpensive LED bulbs from your local hardware store can do the trick. Start with what you can afford and improve over time.

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Pick the Right Colors

Pc gaming Setup For Beginners

Choosing the right color for your gaming setup can be a tricky process. On one hand, you want to choose a color that is eye-catching and will make your gaming room stand out. On the other hand, you don’t want to choose a color that is so bright that it will be distracting during gameplay. The good news is that there are a few different color options that tend to work well for gaming rooms. One popular option is to go with a dark, neutral color like black or grey. This gives the room an overall stylish look and provides a great backdrop for gaming equipment. Another option is to choose a bright, bold color like red or blue.

This can help to create an energetic atmosphere in the gaming room and can also make it easier to find gaming equipment when it’s time to play. Ultimately, the best color for your gaming setup will be the one that you feel most comfortable with and that fits the overall aesthetic of your gaming room.

Decide Which color is best for you:

Cable management

Desk cable management is something important. It won’t cost much, but it will keep your desk clean and organized. Especially if you have plans for streaming or you’re willing to add more accessories and gadgets in the future. You can organize your cable using what you have and by placing them well using a few clips. However, If you want to take your cable management to the next level, you got you covered

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Upgrade on the Go

Finally, take your time to upgrade your pc gaming setup, pick your essential peripherals and build or get a prebuilt setup that does the job well. meaning it can run all games in minimum to medium settings and allows you to edit your videos and stream smoothly. You can follow up with what comes new and start upgrading on the go. This is something everyone does. So as a beginner, don’t hesitate to start with a minimal setup.

how much is a cheap gaming setup?

A budget gaming setup doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little bit of research, you can put together a gaming rig that will let you enjoy your favorite games without spending a fortune. The first step is to choose the right components. A good gaming PC needs a powerful processor, a capable graphics card, and fast memory. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough storage for all your games and other data. Once you’ve assembled the hardware, you can focus on choosing the right gaming peripherals. A gaming headset will help you stay immersed in your games, while a good gaming mouse and keyboard will give you a competitive edge. With a little bit of planning, you can put together a budget gaming setup that will let you enjoy your games without breaking the bank.

Build #1: The RTX 2060 $500 Gaming Pc

MotherboardAsus Prime H610M-E
CPUIntel Core i3-12100
RAMT-Force Vulcan 2x8GB 3200MHz
StorageCrucial P2 500GB NVMe SSD
CaseRosewill FBM-X1 Case
PSUCorsair CV 650W 80+ Bronze

Build #2: The $500 Gaming Pc

MotherboardASUS H410M
CPUIntel Core i3-10100F
RAMPatriot Signature 8GB
CaseAeroCool Cylon

Build #3: The FULL $500 pc gaming setup for beginners

How about getting everything for the budget of $500? and it’s upgradable! While this is not the most powerful pc gaming setup for $500. but you’ll have to sacrifice some specs for the sake of adding a monitor and some cool gaming peripherals! Yet this setup is able to run Cyberpunk 2077 smoothly.

Pc Components
MotherboardAsrock b450 HDV r4.0
CPURyzen 5 1500x
GPUGTX 1050ti
RAM2x4GB ddr4 3,000mhz
Storage: Nvmeintel 660p m.2 1TB
CaseSpectra D100
MonitorCRUA 24″ Curved Monitor 75 Hz
KeyboardRazer Cynosa Lite Gaming Keyboard
MouseRazer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse(Our Pick)
Mouse PADSteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface
MicrophoneSUDOTACK St-800 USB microphone

Note: We modified the peripherals with better options and saved you some more space for a gaming Microphone 🙂


How much does a typical PC gaming setup cost?

There is no simple answer to this question since the cost of a PC gaming setup can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. The most important factor is the quality of the components you choose and how powerful they are. A top-of-the-line gaming PC with all the bells and whistles will cost significantly more than a more modest setup.

Another important factor is how often you plan on upgrading your setup. If you only upgrade your components every few years, you will probably spend less overall than someone who regularly upgrades their setup every year.

Finally, it’s also worth considering whether you need any peripherals in addition to the actual PC itself. A gaming mouse, keyboard, and headset can all add to the cost of your setup.

With all of that said, a typical mid-range PC gaming setup might cost somewhere in the region of $600-$3500. Of course, you could spend significantly less or more depending on your needs and budget. (Make sure to check our article below for the Ultimate answer)
Entry-Level gaming setup: $500-$700
Mid-Range Gaming Setup: $1000-$1800
High-End Gaming Setup: $2400 – $3800

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What are the must-haves for a PC gaming setup?

There are several things you need for a great PC gaming setup. In addition to a powerful computer, you’ll need a good monitor, a comfortable chair, A reliable mouse and keyboard, a condenser mic if you plan to go live, and a quality headset. You may also want to invest in other peripherals like a gaming controller or joystick.

Do I Need To Upgrade My Gaming Setup?

Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore gamer, if you want to get the most out of your gaming PC, you need to upgrade your rig from time to time. Games are becoming more and more demanding, and even if you have the latest and greatest graphics card, processor, and other hardware, there are always ways to make your setup even better.

How to optimize your PC gaming setup

There are a few things you can do to optimize your PC gaming setup. One is to make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the games you want to play. You can find this information on the game developer’s website or in the product description on Steam or another digital retailer.

Another way to optimize your PC gaming setup is to choose the right monitor. If you want to competitively game, you’ll want a monitor with a high refresh rate and low response time. If you just want to enjoy some casual gaming, then any monitor will do. You should also consider the resolution of the monitor, especially if you have a powerful graphics card. A higher resolution will require more processing power from your GPU, so it’s important to find a balance between the two.

Another important factor in optimizing your PC gaming setup is your internet connection. If you plan on playing multiplayer games, you’ll need a fast and stable internet connection. Many games offer different modes that are optimized for different internet speeds, so it’s important to know what kind of connection you have before starting up a game.

You should also keep your drivers up to date, Turn on gaming mode, Turn off enhanced pointer precision and adjust your Windows settings for the best performance.

Finally, one of the most important things you can do to optimize your PC gaming setup is to keep your computer clean and free of dust. Dust can clog up your computer’s components and cause them to overheat, which can lead to performance issues or even permanent damage. Use compressed air or another method approved by your computer’s manufacturer to clean out your computer on a regular basis, and make sure there is plenty of airflow around your computer when it’s in use.

How to clean your PC gaming setup

you’ve invested in a great PC gaming setup, and you want to keep it looking good for years to come. But how do you clean it, and what products should you use?

  1. Gather your supplies. You’ll need mild soap, a soft cloth, and a can of compressed air.
  2. Unplug everything from your PC. This includes the power cord, any USB devices, and all of the cables that are connected to them.
  3. Dust your PC case with a soft cloth. Be sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies, as dust can build up there over time.
  4. Clean the outside of your monitor with a soft cloth and mild soap. If there are any smudges or fingerprints on the screen, they should come right off with this treatment.
  5. Use compressed air to clean out the inside of your PC case. Be sure to hold the can upright so that the compressed air doesn’t damage any of the components inside of your case.
  6. reconnect all of the cables and devices to your PC, and you’re good to go!

Wrapping up

While there are many different pc gaming setups for beginners out there, there are a few key things that you should always look for in a gaming PC. First and foremost, you need a powerful processor that can handle the demands of gaming. You also need a good graphics card to ensure smooth and realistic gameplay. Furthermore, consider gaming peripherals and accessories on the go. Lighting and colors are something optional and you want to consider that in the future to add your personal touch and bring your setup to life.
With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect gaming setup for beginners! Just remember to take your time and upgrade on the go and most importantly have fun with it; after all, isn’t that what gaming is all about?

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